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Our expert : Andy FLICKINGER

When it’s time to give the best of ourselves, to go beyond our limits and find the perfect path which is going to make the difference – you cannot afford to lose a fraction of a second of visual information.

With the SPICE-T Sport Performance, don’t leave any place to hazard, and stay connected with the road, every fraction of second. Its screen will react quicker than your pupil, with a 0.8 seconds reaction. This is the ideal time defined by the juic-e team with the help of Olivier PANIS, who is our technical advisor.

The dazzlement you used to experience when entering or getting out of a tunnel, or undergrowth, will be history.

Furthermore, its frame is extremely light, perfectly maintained, and its visual field is optimised for the needs of an athlete. Its technology operates without a battery, its only limitation will be your own resistance. You only need to put the frames on.


Our expert : Olivier PANIS

In order to understand the constraints (protection against projections, wind and brightness) generated and solve these problems, we have got closer to the world of sport the most technically and technologically demanding, Formula 1. Thanks to our work with Olivier Panis and the invention of a revolutionary glass technology, internationally patented, we are proud to present you the first smart glasses.

The JUIC-E adventure

•• JUIC-E targets the early-adopter who believes that technology can be a huge help in his everyday life. We aim at being a major player in a nonexistent market today: the “playful Care”

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Why Juic-e?

SPIC••E – T ensures protection against wind bearer, projections and luminosity, keeping it constantly filtration fitted to the light conditions, instantly and without any battery.

  • Electrochromatic shield / Battery-less
  • Perfect fitting, thanks to an exclusive end-tips
  • Optimized vision field for the wearer’s needs
  • Low weight
  • Contrast enhancement